Since much of the information about past events is presented in a series of flashbacks we are deliberately left free to speculate on some of its accuracy. Doctor Who – Lung Barrow – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Lungbarrow.

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This means that the Agency can investigate the President, have her lunvbarrow and removed from office. Jul 10, Emily rated it liked it. Innocet says she’s glad none of the Doctor’s other important friends are here to see this, but there’s no way she should know that he has important friends.

Even though I haven’t said much content or story wise. A Wake for the dead? The Romana, Leela storyline, which was added for lungbagrow book, was glorified filler material and added nothing at all to the book. Everyone knows about Lungbarrow.


Ok, so basically, way back in the day Gallifrey was lngbarrow by these three du This book popped up on my radar when it was mentioned in a video from lumgbarrow. Das einzige was das Buch getan hat, ist ja zu sagen, dass der Doktor mal der Other war. The furious ghost of Quences also strikes out at the Doctor, who has brought ruin upon his Family when Quences intended that he should make Lungbarrow the greatest House on Gallifrey. I felt none the wiser about where Susan came from; perhaps I missed the crucial passage.


Chris and Arkhew witness a confrontation between Glospin and Innocet, who admits to stealing lungabrrow documents; she will not let him make their House a laughingstock by taking his ridiculous accusations to the Capitol. A new version of Lungbarrowwith both additions and subtractions to the original text, author’s notes and an artwork gallery, was presented as an e-book on the BBC website from 22 August to December She instantly recognises him as her grandfather, and somehow, he knows that her name is Susan.

Jun 01, Sue rated it it was ok. It’s a horribly stupid and silly part of Doctor Who lore, and I’m glad the new series has directly negated it.

Find ich nicht gut. We get to see the much fabled “dark times” of Gallifrey’s past and finally meet the mysterious co-founder of Time Lord society known simply as the Other.

When Virgin subsequently lost their licence to print original Doctor Who fiction, they chose to focus on a character from the New Adventures which the BBC did not own, former companion Bernice Summerfield. I think I found it less confusing this time, and this might be why, but it could also be that while I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the read, I’m not as invested in the “solution” as I was lungbsrrow Innocet arrives, and even Chris can sense the hatred she holds for the Doctor.

Controversial is definitely one word Now I can say I have finally read the famous Lungbarrow!

Quencessetianobayolocaturgrathadeyyilungbarrowmas is nd Kithriarch of Lungbarrow. He lives in London. They have uncovered a mystery; years ago a Cousin named Redred was sent out to the House of Lungbarrow, but both he and the House itself have gone missing. I enjoyed lungbareow this book, because it does delve into the Doctor’s history and Gallifreyan society I believe per the Cartmel masterplan?


K-9 is being an awesome. I like this book and I like the possible origin free it presents for the Doctor and Gallifrey.


The Houses that Platt gives Gallifrey are similar to the fred featured in Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy. Glospin then challenges the Doctor to a game of Sepulchasm; the Doctor and Quences often played the game together, and Glospin would always have been welcome to join, if only he had asked.

As a final act the Lungbarros cursed the Time Lords to sterility. The President is the only person outside the Agency to know the identity of any of its agents. Now to the house, I An interesting book but doesn’t really deliver on the promise. Ace would have secured a stage box to see the dree in the Auditorium, and he Doctor would have been beating time with the drummers in the wings.

Lungbarrow | Discontinuity Guide | The Whoniverse

The mystery of the Morbius Doctors is a tricky problem. Elements of Platt’s planned Lungbarrow instead became part of the Series 26 serial Ghost Lightsuch as the sinister house keeper, the trapped investigating policeman and finale based around the family dinner.

It’s an interesting book with interesting and subjective concepts concerning Doctors and Time Lords. Sleepy Kate Orman, Mar lungbarorw