Buy a cheap copy of Love Without Conditions: Reflections of book by Paul Ferrini. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. The Paperback of the Love without Conditions (Reflections of The Christ Mind Series) by Paul Ferrini at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. Rarely has any book conveyed the teachings of the master in such a simple but.

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Love without Conditions

God will have His revenge. God will destroy the world. Practice being aware of your guilt, your fear and your attack. This book was the beginning of illumination on self-transcendence. Book ratings by Clnditions. Judge and jury live within your own thoughts. It is actual how we feel, how we are at that moment.

Accept this about your brother, even in this single moment, and ferrinj conflict between you would end. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. If you want to step outside the vicious psychology of the world, you must stop the game of projection. I really love this week’s reading. What if you could see exactly what your “spontaneous” passion in life is?

Then you will know the power of your mind to create, and then will you choose to create with God, not apart from Her. The author makes some good points on love and forgiveness, but the book is more geared toward those interested in New Age rather than Christianity.

Then you will know that She never abandoned you, even in the height of your fetrini when you thought it was She who would punish you and destroy your world. Meditation on Feeling Loved. So there it is.


Love Without Conditions : Reflections of the Christ Mind, Part I

Continue to ask these questions until you begin to see the source of your anger and fear. For not only will you find that guilt is the root of wiithout suffering, you will also find that self-forgiveness is necessary.

It is an essential part of the curriculum of awakening. They ferini telling me “it’s going to happen my blossomingI can feel it. Apr 24, Karen rated it really liked it. On that day, when you see your good and that of your brother as one and the same, all that separates you from God will fall away and you will stand beside me in all your splendor. You must learn to see the extent of your own self-hatred.

Authentic spirituality is not linear. Let me begin by saying that I speak through you only to the extent that you are willing to relinquish control. For the world would use your surrender harshly to control you, but I would use it gently to release you from falsehood and give you back your true Self. But if punishment is brought, his false ideas will be reinforced, and guilt will be added to them.

A must read for ACIM students! Since all your brothers and sisters are acting out of shame-based patterns, they cannot offer you the love you know that you deserve, nor can you offer it to them. But a single true thought restores the kingdom. This book opened my eyes and heart. Therefore, choose your thoughts wisely. Wityout – a portal of small acts of kindness. Yet that is what I ask you to do.


Mother Theresa also practised the above and we know the influence she had in this world for the poorest of the poor. There’s definitely more to this book, but that’s what I needed most from it. No trivia or quizzes yet. If you don’t believe this, try it.

Love Without Conditions : Paul Ferrini :

It comes from overcoming fear of what people will say, and if I would earn enough if i behave like this. Jun 13, Colleen rated it really liked it. Be compassionate to self and others without expecting anything in return. It was a profoundly bad thing that happened in my life.

To put it simply, you are never right to make wrong, or wrong to make right. No one on earth has a better answer for you than the one you will find through trust in yourself and in me.

On Sep 27, Conrad wrote: It is an author spouting his theory on life hoping you will bu I loove this withput recommended to me as research for a novel I was writing at the time.

Love Without Conditions Excerpt — Light for the Soul

Reflections of the Christ Mind. You cannot love in an unloving way. There is no one who would shrink from his purpose here once it has been revealed to him. Send me an email when another comment is posted on this passage.

Seeking someone special to provide the love your parents weren’t able to provide will not help either.