From Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil for World Youth Day, we will remember his appeal to young people to «rock the boat»; his visit to a favela in Rio, an almost ritual. The Libertatis Nuntius or ‘Instruction on certain aspects of the “Theology of Liberation”‘ was written by Cardinal Ratzinger in It begins with a brief overview. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the oldest among the nine congregations of .. suspension of the Reverend Father Professor Charles Curran from the teaching of theology” (25 July ); Libertatis conscientia ( Instruction on.

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As with all movements of ideas, the “theologies of liberation” present diverse theological positions. An exclusively political interpretation is thus given to the death of Christ. Legal slavery and bondage have been abolished. It also includes the hostility of one’s enemies, injustice, failure, and death Libertatia practice, which is the putting into practice of the great commandment of love. Moreover, it is significant that the term ‘freedom’ is often replaced in Scripture by the very closely related term, ‘redemption’.

AAS 77pp. Likewise, a political reading of the “Magnificat” is proposed. It is the task of freedom then, when it is well ordered, to ensure libertayis scientific and technical achievements, the quest for their effectiveress, and the products of work and the very structures of economic and social organization are not made to serve projects which would deprive them of their human purposes and turn them against man himself.

AAS 71pp. People who undergo terrible constraints succeed in manifesting their freedom and taking steps to secure their own liberation. The Church and the anxieties of mankind. The reality of the depth of freedom has always been known to the Church, above all through the lives of a multitude of the faithful, especially among the little ones and the poor. Archived PDF from the original on 27 November Their theology is a theology of class. Let us recall the fact that atheism and the denial of the human person, his liberty and rights, are at the core of the Marxist theory.

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Scientific discoveries and moral progress. Avvenire Nuova Editoriale Italiana S.

Benedict XVI cautions against dangers of Marxist liberation theology

Archived from the original on 3 October Unquestionably, it is to stress the radical character of the deliverance brought by Christ and offered to all, be they politically free or slaves, that the New Testament does not require some change in the political or social condition as a prerequisite for entrance into this freedom. Arguments and teachings thus do not have to be examined in themselves since they are only reflections of class interests. Liberation is first and foremost liberation from the radical slavery of sin.

The lack of equity and of a sense of solidarity in international transactions works to the advantage of the industrialized nations so that the gulf between the rich and the poor is ever widening. Spiritual things should matter more than physical ones.

First people must be set in right relationship with God and then the evil structures will change, but changing structures will not change people. God wishes to be libertatks by people who are free. We should likewise mention the letter to Cardinal Roy, “Octogesima adveniens”. The exodus, in fact, is the fundamental event in the formation of the chosen people.

Influence of liberation theology

She is however concerned that this mission should not be absorbed by preoccupations concerning the temporal order or reduced to such preoccupations. Man’s sin, that is to say his breaking away from God, is the radical reason for the tragedies which mark the history of freedom. Thus, liberation theology uses the Exodus story in a reductionist way. Nevertheless, until the Risen One returns in glory, the mystery of iniquity is still at work in the world.

Explanatory Note on the Works of Father Jon Sobrino, S.J.

Institutions and laws, when they are in conformity with the natural law and ordered to the common good, are the guarantees of people’s freedom and of the promotion of that freedom. Scripture shows that the whole course of history has a mysterious link with the action of man who, from the beginning, has abused his freedom by setting himself up against God and by seeking to gain his ends without God.


In reality, it is from God and in relationship with him that human freedom takes its meaning and consistency. This struggle is that of the proletarian class, libertafis with its mission in history.

Awareness of man’s freedom and dignity, together with the affirmation of the inalienable rights of individuals and peoples, is one of the major characteristics of our time. She calls man and societies to nuntiua situations of sin and injustice and to establish the conditions for true freedom. In other words, Marxist concepts are used uncritically. The replacement of ador ation of the living God by worship of created things falsifies the relationships between individuals and brings with it various kinds of oppression.

This limitation which derives from the nature of human science is ignored by libertats who, under the guise of hypotheses recognized as such, have recourse to such an all- embracing conception of reality as the thought of Karl Marx. The serious socio-economic problems which occur today cannot be solved unless new fronts of solidarity are created: The people thus reduced to powerlessness merely have a change of masters.

liberhatis He then went on to explain his criticisms of capitalism thus ‘ The promise was that when the glass was full, it would overflow, benefitting the poor. The Christian practice of liberation.