For other uses of Legend of Zagor, see Legend of Zagor (disambiguation) The Legend of Zagor was an electronic boardgame produced in , and based on . Legend of Zagor has 74 ratings and 2 reviews. Siobhan said: If the truth is to be known, these books are fun at first. Sadly, however, they quickly grow. Part 3 of the Zagor series of books (the previous instalments being The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Return to Firetop Mountain), Legend of.

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The sheer volume of Skill and Spot Skill for noticing things tests is as tediously repetitive as the catalogue of identical-sounding locations and this too can make this all rather thuddingly dull.

And maybe the new issue of fighting fantazine will also come out. Description Banished from the world of Titan, Zagor the sorcerer is slowly regaining his strength.

William Morgan 22 May at Dungeoneer Titan Fighting Fantasy book.

Legend of Zagor (boardgame)

Wizard “Special Limited Edition”. It is hard and good. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is okay to pick up one or two throughout your life but I would not recommend going out of your way to buy them en masse.

There are several adventurers willing to volunteer, but only one will zator chosen. The game was for 1 – 4 players, with a playing time of around 60 minutes. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Sean rated it it was amazing Aug 21, This game was only produced in Europe.

A series of novels featuring the arrival of Zagor to the land of Amarillia and the battle to defeat him, The Zagor Chronicleswere written by Ian Livingstone and Carl Sargent. Reviewed by Mark Lain.

Such is his power, he must be destroyed. His work here is as excellent as ever and many of pegend tougher foes look truly terrifying and awe-inspiring the Chaos Champion, for example. It featured the same choice of heroes as the gamebook, moulded plastic board and miniatures, and an electronic voiceover the character of Zagor. It featured the same choice of heroes as the gamebook, moulded plastic board and miniatures, and an electronic voiceover the og of Zagor.


Ian Livingstone has been in the interactive games industry for over 25 years. If the truth is to be known, these books are fun at first. The encounters can be quite interesting, but the way to reach them combined with the inevitability of yet another impossible fight coming sooner or later combine to make zaagor book a very long, excessively repetitive, and often arduous slog.

Legend of Zagor (Fighting Fantasy, #54) by Ian Livingstone

The Tower Chests were each in rooms dotted around the dungeon and containing monsters of various types. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I did wonder about the inclusion of a Spectre in this book which is one of Keith Martin’s favourite monsters not Ian Livingstones.

The evil that will not die!

Each character’s scores must also be rolled in a different way. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 22mm Return to Book Page. One major difference, however, is the recasting of the wizard character in the novels: Is up to you to wear the shoes of one of four adventurers Anvar the Barbarian, Braxus the Warrior, Stubble the Dwarf and Sallazar the Wizard and undertake a perilous quest: Jon 10 June at Ina ‘Legend of Zagor’ boardgame was designed by Ian Livingstone and produced by Parker brothers.

Neil77 rated it liked it Feb 18, When you have collected many chest cards and you feel that your Hero is strong enough, you cross the wooden bridge that leads to “The Pond of Doom”. Rather awkwardly though, in spite of this being the third book in the Zagor gamebook cycle, there is scant reference made to the previous two. I must hand it to you Mark, that’s about as thorough a dissection as I’ve ever read of a FF book. If you have experienced one of these kinds of books you have experienced them all.


It was designed by Ian Livingstonewho was also the author of the book on which it was based, Legend of Zagorand was plugged in the back of the book. Published September 2nd by Wizard first published Eye of the Dragon. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Sorcery! Legend of Zagor makes changes to how skillstamina and luck are calculated see “Unique Rules” below for further details and see Game System for details of regular rules that are still observed.

Most strikingly unique is that YOU play one of four pre-defined characters: You have fun for a while and then they are put aside.

Legend of Zagor (book)

In the parallel world of Amarilla, a great battle was fought by the forces of good to defeat the powerful Bone Demon plaguing Castle Argent and his armies of Dragons, orcs and demons, and the being was sealed forever in the Casket of Souls. Ekel Adolf leegnd it really liked it May 31, Alex Davies rated it liked it Jan 17, The Best Books of Legend of Zagor is markedly different in that the player has much more freedom to explore the castle and choose whether or not to enter certain places, and the various items found are leged combat aids potionsspecial weapons, etc.

He also mentioned that he did not write the chronicles either.