Hatchepsut: The Female Pharaoh and over one million other books are available . Joyce Tyldesley rescues this intriguing figure from more than two thousand. Queen – or, as she would prefer to be remembered, King – Hatchepsut was a of her young stepson-nephew Tuthmosis III, Hatchepsut, the Female Pharaoh. Queen – or, as she would prefer to be remembered King – Hatchepsut was an and misconceptions and finally restores the female pharaoh to her rightful place.

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Egypt experienced a time of prosperity and peace under her rule.

It’s not tyldexley science – but it would have been a more enjoyable rea Scholarly, accessible and aiming for objectivity. Born the eldest daughter of King Tuthmosis I, married to her half-brother Tuthmosis II, and guardian of her young stepson-nephew Tuthmosis III, Hatchepsut, the Female Pharaoh, brilliantly defied tradition and established herself on the divine throne of the pharaohs to become the female embodiment of a man, dressing in male clothing and even sporting jotce pharaoh’s traditional false beard.

She married her half-brother Thutmosis II, at tweleve years old and had a daughter named Neferure. You are commenting using your WordPress. Book of a Thousand Days. It was a great read and I recommend it for anyone interested in 18th Dynasty Egyptian history or the history of royalty in general. Tyldesley’s unbiased biography highlights Hatchepsut’s accomplishments to show that Egyptian women were capable of ruling as the male pharaohs.

One photograph shows a relief of the two co-pharaohs and they are pretty much identical.


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After her death, however, Thutmose III — another highly successful pharaoh — seems to have waged a campaign to excise his aunt from history: Aug 21, J. She took on the role of King and tried to validate her position by linking herself to the gods.

Darren Walker on I thumb my nose at rules of…. In she established, with Steven Snape of Rutherford Press Limited, a publishing firm dedicated to publishing serious but accessible books on feemale Egypt while raising money for Egyptology field work. Account Options Sign in. The Rise and Fall of a Tudor Family.

Therefore, it was difficult to maintain my interest in it. This is a very good biography of Hatshepsut. The Murder of King Tut. However, the chapter on Hatshepsut’s monuments dragged on a bit and was a bit dry. Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds.

Hatchepsut: 4the Female Pharaoh

Queen – or, as she would prefer to be remembered King – Hatchepsut was an astonishing woman. Although I learned much about the female King, Hatchepsut, I often found this book to be a little to slow at times.

Hatchepsut went to extraordinary lengths to present herself as a viable, legitimate pharaoh. The political climate leading to Hatchepsut’s unprecedented assumption of power and the principal achievements of her reign are considered in detail, and the vicious attacks on Hatchepsut’s name and image are explored in full.

Hatshepsut reigned for 22 years and, once she came into her own as the senior pharaoh, ruled very effectively, bringing peace and tje, initiating successful military campaigns and trading missions. It sticks to the facts, presenting something as close to authenticity and truth as we can get from this distance.


One of the explanations that she gives for Hatchepsut’s decision to be pharaoh is because the young child king Tuthmosis III may die before he reached adulthood. Academics, scholars, undergraduates, amateur historians. The woman who became King A few years later, she decided to rule as Pharaoh of Egypt instead.

The background she provided was excellent, and she laid out Hatchepsut and her world out vividly. Lists with This Book.

Hatchepsut: The Female Pharaoh – Joyce Tyldesley – Google Books

The book is divided into eight parts, each one dealing with a different facet of Hatshepsut’s reign. I have a tattoo of the hieroglyph.

She seems to take a more neu This was an excellent biography. Thanks for telling us about the problem. How did this woman become not just a queen, but a king? The Female Pharaoh Joyce A. She seems to have done a fair job of maintaining her position for some time, but eventually her stepson took over the role of King. As any historian knows, the victors write the stories and telling the tales of ancient civilisations will take a lot of piecing fragments together and often endless presumption.

Forgotten until Egptologists deciphered hieroglyphics in the ‘s, she There may have been a war, or at least a series of minor rebellions in conquered territory. She went on to rule for decades.