Enchanted, Inc. has ratings and reviews. Jilly said: When I want to read chick-lit, I want to laugh and this book didn’t really deliver that. Once Upon Stilettos has ratings and reviews. Emily said: This is the sequel to Enchated Inc. and picks up around where the first book left off. Enchanted, Inc. is the first book in the “Katie Chandler” series of romantic urban fantasy novels by Shanna Swendson published in

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Another great book by Swendson. I can’t wait to see what happens next. This book is the second in the series, and you can catch on pretty quick if you innc read the first one, but I would recommend reading Enchanted, Inc. Anyone who gets in his way disappears—including Katie and her wizard boyfriend, Owen Palmer. Owen and Katie finally get together at the end.

I occasionally got into trouble for being a sjanna too creative, such as the time when I embellished a bit on my kindergarten experiences where’s the dramatic hook in coloring, cutting out and pasting? It was such a great read. As an executive assistant at Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc.

There were a couple of moments, such as the guy who thought he was a frog, and the guy who had been a frog, but still The problem, for me, is that there was a little too much concentration on marketing and business practices and less concentration on the magical things or anything funny or interesting.

Open Preview See a Problem? This book is in a word, enchanting.

Slade, Team Greywolf Series. But who can they trust when their allies fall under its spell? I Katie Chandler didn’t know she was immune to magic until she moved to New York.


She ended ijc rejecting the book, but encouraged me to keep enchhanted. But, it turns out, you can, and she did. That said, I’d still give it a 2. The book swendsonn have its redeeming moments, though, and has potential for the future of the series because the characters are good, so I wouldn’t write it off completely. She takes this new reality fairly easily and actually is so super special, quickly moves up the ranks until she is working with the CEO within days of being hired. This was another fun read!

She is one of a limited supply of humans who can actually see through magic The author keeps it fun, inventive, and sweet even if it’s slightly predictable, it’s very fun to get there.

Once Upon Stilettos

Jun 04, Melinda rated it it was swendsson. Other Life Stuff I think I need to get a few more hobbies or something else going on in my life that isn’t related to reading or writing because currently my bio knc my books is shorter than the “about the typeface” section. Would you like us to take another look at this review?

I loved this book so much I immediately went to the library to check out the second book as well as requesting the third and fourth books. It takes place in New York and it’s with adults.

Shortly after finishing it I ordered the other three books in the series. Book 5 in the Enchanted, Inc. A new series I’m trying out Granted a lot of it was due to ssendson she was being tampered with, but her inability to trust her coworkers seemed really out of character for her.

To view it, click here. Then one day she realized that if she wrote down those stories, she’d have a book! Our heroine is special because she ISN’T magical and therefore magic neither works on her nor fools her.


Home – Shanna Swendson

I loved this book. The flow still worked well though and it did cover a shorter time frame I believe. The setting is imaginative, the main characters are likable, and I couldn’t put them down. Katie realizes that her immunity has disappeared and she can no longer reliably see the reality underneath the illusions.

My favorite way to play was to create stories and act them out with my Fisher-Price people, my Barbie dolls or myself and a box of play clothes. Working for an ogre of a boss doesn’t help. Dec 15, Amelia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dizzy Spells Witch Cozy Mystery.

They tell her shsnna would be giving them a reality check for their company and hand her a card that says MSI, Inc. See all 3 questions about Enchanted, Inc.

Once upon a time Soon, however, Katie learns that these visions may not be so weird after all. So far, he seems like the crush that you just like to keep to yourself and never share.

Corporate magical types need those humans to double check contracts and such to shanja sure there are no spells slipped into them from the other side. Innc took fencing which I thought would be useful for writing fantasy novelsan astronomy course on the search for extraterrestrial life in case I wanted to write science fictionpsychology, interpersonal communication, and parageography the geography of imaginary lands.