You’ll be fine to start with Galactic Patrol, and in fact if you start with Triplanetary ( as I did, many years ago) you’ll get confused when you get to. First Lensman E. E. Smith downloads; Triplanetary E. E. Smith downloads · The Skylark of Space E. E. Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby downloads. by. “DOC” SMITH. The Lensman series. TRIPLANETARY FIRST LENSMAN GALACTIC PATROL GRAY LENSMAN SECOND STAGE LENSMAN CHILDREN OF.

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Second Stage Lensmen Kim Kinnison, Number One man of his time, had faced challenges before – but rarely one as daunting as this.

Several seried the scenes involving the two male protagonists and Clio reminded me and caused me to visualize retro-images associated with Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Dr.

Triplanetary incorporates the early history of that breeding program on Earth, illustrated with the lives of several warriors and soldiers, from ancient times to the discovery smitu the first serirs space drive. Pisceans have some kind of evil ray gun that divests enemy fleets of their ferrous properties, including hemoglobin. The Arisians, benevolent humanoids who have declared themselves Guardians of Civilization, war with the Eddorians, shapeless, malevolent beings, hungry for power at any price.

View all 4 comments. The heroes build weapons that are strong enough to melt through their armor and kill them. La saga dei Lensmen by Edward Elmer Smith. It was beginning to look as if no one could prevent the destruction of the Universe.

The Arisians add their own w mental force to this. Like many concepts in the book world, “series” is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. It didn’t entice me to read further into the series. They are quite repulsive to human eyes, but the charachers realise that the aliens most likely find the humans at least as repulsive.


But it is basically pulp fiction, and being that I had no nostalgic smithh to it having read it the first time this year, I got nothing out of it. Perhaps I would’ve liked it better when I was 10 to 12 years old or so.

It’s hard to summarize the plot, since it has such abrupt changes. Doc Smith’s dreadful space opera series.

Lensman: Chronological order | Awards | LibraryThing

I won’t be reading any more of E. A mysterious barrier, hanging unseen in space, turned back all ships. Although the Eddorians have developed mental powers almost equal to those of the Arisians, they rely instead for the most part on physical power, which came to be exercised on their behalf by a hierarchy of underling races. I’m content to leave these relics in the museum of sci-fi history. Common Knowledge Series Lensman: It’s one I grew up with, several decades after its first app 3.

Finally, beginning perhaps halfway through the book, there is a space opera of humans versus the evil aliens.

Lensman Series

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Naturally, I assumed the preceding books in the series were written before The Eddorians do not detect the Arisians, who begin a covert breeding program on every world that can lesnman intelligent life, with particular emphasis on the four planets Earth TellusVelantia III, Rigel IV, and Palain VII, in the hope of creating a race that is capable of destroying the Eddorians.

Why didn’t anyone think of that? Triplanetary – Arisians, the alien race is breedi… More. Smith sets up lemsman stark contrast between good and evil in the first chapters as he sets up this universe’s iconic mythos, as the kind, godlike Arisians work in secret to defeat the tyrannical, megalomaniacal Eddoreans. This book is something of a fix-up, and, as a result of how it was expanded, it is decidedly episodic.

The two powerful races that start the story in epically dense prosethe Eddoreans and the Arisians, encapsulate the ethos perfectly. Smth can see the seeds that planted in later sci-fi authors and there are some great xmith here, but I found it was poorly written and at times the author really didn’t seem to know where he was planning on going and it meandered a lot.


Cosmic Conflict In Triplanetary, battle is joined… More. I’ve read this book one and a half times. The Complete Lensman Series by E. I don’t even know what her job is. I’d like to give E. Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from February All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with Project Gutenberg links.

Shelve The Lensman Series: The Children of the Lens, together with the mental power of unknown millions of Lensmen of the Galactic Patrol, constitute the Arisians’ intended means to destroy the Eddorians and make the universe safe for Civilization.

The Eddorians are nebulous, shifting creatures, and can assume a variety of human forms. Lensman series Novel series Science fiction book series Lists of fictional planets Space opera novels Novels adapted into comics American novels adapted into films. Chronicles of the Lensmen, Volume 1: It’s not all bad, though. The hysterical woman, the “manly” men, the constant psychedelic action – it was simply too much for this reader.

Jan 24, Corytregoart rated it it was ok Recommends it for: