We are often asked to compare the Customs Release (CBP Form ) vs the Customs Entry (CBP Form ). Here’s a quick breakdown to help clarify. . There are two major forms when submitting a customs entry: the Customs Entry ( CBP Form ) and the Customs Release (CBP Form ). Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. ENTRY / IMMEDIATE CUSTOMS EXAMINATION REQUIRED. ENTRY CBP Form (01/89). PAPERWORK.

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Giving an approximate value to a number is worth Rounding. Only the 3416 formats shall be used: For merchandise arriving by truck or rail, the arrival date is the date the conveyance entered the Customs territory of the United States.

The result is the check digit. If more than one HTS number is required, follow the reporting instructions in the statistical fom note in the appropriate HTS section or chapter.

CBP Form 3461 – Instructions U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The quantity being reported is the smallest exterior packaging unit. Facsimile signatures are acceptable. Proper format is listed under the instructions for Consignee Number. The quantity reported should be at the most detailed level of the shipment being reported.

The name and address of the invoicing party, whose invoice accompanies the CBP entry, should be used to construct the MID. When the consignee number is the same as the importer of record number, the word “SAME” may be used in lieu of repeating the importer of record number. Entry filer codes containing alphabetic characters must be transformed to a numeric equivalent prior to computing the check digit.

  ISO 7811-3 PDF

For merchandise arriving by I. Use the following format: Imports of Canadian origin arriving from countries other than Canada. Customs and Border Protection advertisement. Fom entry date for a warehouse withdrawal is the date of withdrawal.

Do not record the vessel identifier code in lieu of the vessel name. For merchandise arriving in the customs territory from a U. This electronic facsimile signature must be transmitted as part of the entry summary data. When the importer of record of emergency war materials is not a government agency, entry type codes 01, 02, 03, etc.

Frm the units digit from If the entry is for a house bill, both the master bill and the house bill will be shown in Block 22, but the only quantity reported will be the house bill quantity on the line in Block 23, adjacent to the line in Block 22 on which the house bill number is shown.

Wherever plain paper continuation sheets are used, they must show the broker’s name and entry number.

Entry – Immediate Delivery / Files / Media – Speedmark

The Entry Number represents the seven-digit number assigned by the filer. Number for which Check Digit will be computed is Essentially all odd positions will be multiplied by 2. The entry number is comprised of the three-digit filer code, followed by the seven-digit entry number, and completed with the one-digit check digit.

In instances when the units digit from the sum in step e is a 0, the cbpp digit will be 0. The result of the arithmetic will always be a single digit. Do not record the name of a domestic carrier transporting merchandise after initial unlading in the U.


CBP Form – Entry/Immediate Delivery Form Mobile App – iPhone, iPad, Android

The following codes shall be used: High-order zeros are a significant fprm in the computation process and must be included in the transaction number. Withdrawals of goods from warehouses for consumption. If the article consists of material produced, derived from, or processed in more than one foreign territory or country, or insular possession of the U. Certification is the electronic equivalent of a signature for data transmitted through ABI.

Do not show the name of the port instead of the numeric code.

CBP Form 3461 – Entry/Immediate Delivery Mobile App

Non-textile shipments may use the invoicing party or parties manufacturers or other direct suppliers. Leading zeros must be shown.

If the entry covers an entire bill of lading, AWB, or in-bond shipment, the quantity reported will be the total quantity. This item number should be left justified. The check digit is computed on the previous 10 characters. For in-bond merchandise, use the in-bond entry number either the C number, the V-bond number vessel and railor the AWB number where appropriate.